No explanation

Part one of three
I wrote this five years ago, before during and after my first 'relationship' Only just found it now and thought I could share it. It explores the typical confusion and feelings that young girls experience at this stage in life.

No explanation

There is no reason for me to be sad

Really I should be extremely glad.

It’s one of those things you just can’t explain

Al I want is to begin again.


I finally got what I wanted after all

At the start of our school ball.

I met the I had liked for awhile

All I could remember wss his awesome smile.


We danced a lot, three times to be exact

And Geoff is so wrong, he is not fat!

As we danced the night away

He still had not said what I wanted him to say.


So I asked him myself, just making a guess

But do you know what?

He said YES!


You know I actually don’t know what I’m saying that I’m sad

I’m really glad, but I used to be mad.


When I couldn’t find him anywhere

He asked Mary for a dance.

She said no and he lost his chance

To apologise but instead he didn’t card.


But really I am not that mad

Though now I know why I am sad.

I’m scared he doesn’t care

But that is crazy considering what he said.


His reply was yes, so what am I worrying about?

But I still have one unanswered doubt. . .

That if I hadn’t asked him, would he have asked me out?

The End

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