No Dawn For Human Life

When the sky is but a grey flood of mist

That is when I turn to you, my blackened fire

Lend me the power of thy emperor goat

Before I fall to my miserable oblivion


I will not let them wear me down

You incompetent hypocrites, beware!

Oh I am mightier than you could ever imagine

They're waiting for my command...


To unleash Hell!


Oh, how you hate me, and I you

You planted this plague in me, it is of your hand

And now you despise your  own creation

But I will not stray from my path


I am born to wander this cursed road,

Of clay, blood and endless hate and humiliation,

Through freezing, solitary nights...

... Yet I am not dead, only cold


Cold as Fimbul!


I hope your fate will fetch you soon,

I shall laugh pleasantly from my aerial throne,

I'll bear witness to your pitiful disaster,

With my pitch black raven eyes


When your god dies before your nose

How your world falls to ruins in an eyeblink

And the only thing you have left is you

How you slowly kill yourself


Hear my echoing laugh!


Here I await the dawn to end

For this night in blue I shall spend

By the ashen statues from whom I descend

When the last thunder roars, we shall rise again

There will come a hand grabbing for you, my friend

When you awake, the order has already been said;


No dawn for human life

The End

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