Craving someone who is terrible for you and unable to say "No".

A locked safe with no combination
I dream of solving and understanding
He clicks but doesn't open
Hiding behind his steel wall
No plans of changing

Girls keep revolving in and out
What exactly does he want?
I am not the answer
I wasn't last time either

But I go along with it anyway
Drunk by his touch
Drawn into the mystery
Waiting to be pushed aside again
Never able to say no

I want to, but I crave him
I put up walls to keep him out
Convincing myself they will save me
He seeps through anyway
Going straight for the heart

The mask slips, I see him
Hurt, scared, and alone
Looking for someone to take it
I try to help
But I'm wearing thin
I'm running out of excuses

He grabs my waist
I'm sinking in quicksand
No disintegrates in my mind 
As the anticipation builds

I know I'm being used
Lost in the moment of attention
Our lips touch and the fog rolls in
Time is measured by our heartbeats
Knowing the moment is beyond borrowed time

Haunted by what I didn't do
Frustrated by what I didn't say
Upset I let it get that far
Jealousy of seeing him with the new girl

The cycle starts again
Curiosity fills my mind
He notices and comes closer
Then pulls back 
No is never said

The End

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