ninety-nine red balloons

party party at a house tonight
I drove down filled with nerves and fright
because something didn't feel right
but then I entered the room and I saw you
you were singing 99 red balloons.

"you and I in a little toy shop..."

and it was a toy shop, for teenagers that is
and I was surrounded by shining glass bottles
you opened mine for me
told me to suck it down quickly

"buy a bag of balloons with the money we got..."

the pills were white but you said
image they are red
big huge helium balls
that would make me so high and I'd never fall
with you by my side

"set them free at the break of dawn..."

we ran, we danced, we loved, we laughed
the world spun around us in a dizzying frenzy
everything was rainbows
everything was beauty

"one by one, they were gone..."

alone together in a room
changing songs to find a slow tune
I fell into you and your lips were on my neck
on my mouth
and it needed to stop
for you had a girlfriend
and I had a man
and it was so wrong
but yet we couldn't
and your mouth was as red as a balloon
you filled me up with toxins and doom
99 red balloons go by
99 red balloons explode inside
99 red balloons for you
could not erase the crime.

All I wanted was to fly.

The End

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