A poem examining nihilism as a virtue, not as a philosophy of hopelessness, but rather a way of embracing the absurdity the only way I know how.

Meaning, right and wrong, knowledge, virtue.

Prove it.

I reject your cage.

I reject my own needs.

I reject the constraints that would bind me.

Meaning, a hollow word for self important fools,

Self importance derived externally has no meaning.

I reject your attempts at control,

Thou shalt, shalt not.

I will do what I will, should it suit you it is by my good graces.

I reject the imperative.

Right and wrong, like a soul I never saw it in a dissection.

Tell me that I want what you want and I will listen.

Tell me what to do and I will tell you where to shove it.

You are certain, yet not certain how.

I reject your fullerite thinking,

If  I am to be bound it will be by what I can discern,

Not by the false promise of those who have all the answers and have forgotten all the questions.

So fuck it.

The universe is absurd, and meaningless and does not care, cannot care.

As such I act without purpose,

because I can.

The End

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