I fell into the realm of nightmares,

A black and darkened world,

I landed before a mirror,

It reflected pain and lies,

For truth, it could not see.

A haunting voice beckoned me,

I tread through shadowed halls,

And followed it to my doom,

The spindle stood dangerous and proud,

I reached for it and my blood flew free.

My blood shifted and twisted,

Becoming a shining red apple,

It seemed innocent and delicious,

Yet, was secretly covered in poison,

One bite and I would have died.

The air was being drawn away,

I gave chase seeking to live,

I found a loom made of nothing,

Weaving the nightmares I was trapped in,

Making them larger as time passed.

Tears were streaming down my face,

As I realized there was no escape,

The memories would always haunt me,

Just like the darkness reflecting off,

The shards of my broken glass slipper.



The End

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