Naive girl fails to notice the warnings

Sincere promises woven by callow hands,

Enchant quivering lips with serenity,

Seal cardinal desire within warm smears,

Decorate vows with festive crystals

And guide the charmed to exotic havens



Apricot sunset's trace shadow trails,

Lavender droplets grace vibrant horizons,

Preying sand dunes comfort weary soles,

Lost eyes clasp mirrors within raging seas,

Visions of veiled foxes drown hinting pleas,

Lukewarm splashes absolve mirages,

Dripping colors reveal forgotten incisions.           


Mystics circle fables of wicked nightshade

As sheltering Bonfires spew bitter aromas.


While humming sirens ease Neptune to sleep,

The crescent moon bears witness to,

A Maiden enticed by her savvy rogue.


The virgin's fancy is tempted with alluring chalices,

Of drink brewed with potent petals,

She falls for the snake's guise,

Palms the goblet and sips

The gentleman's farewell

Saps her essence with black berry kisses,

A hollow carcass remains

For lying hands to burn,

The moonlight dims.


As dawn approaches,

Her ashes drift into the sea.


At sunrise,

Her soul fades to dust. 


The End

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