Soft soil, moist feel.

Rotten scent, no air, a tight seal.

No words, no sound.

Strong pain, hell hound.

Black eyes, sharp teeth.

Cold skin, deadly wreath.

Hard stone, smoky sight.

Rusted chains, extremely tight.

Blood falls, no one cares.

Iron on skin, flesh tares.

Black gates, great beast.

Many fears, thousands at least.

Dead soul, underworld.

Cracked bones, spine curled.

Demons stare, their claws gripped.

Bloody earth, ground ripped.

Great beast kneels, three headed pointed at me.

Teeth are bared, horrid smiles for all to see.

No one notices, the beast is unseen.

Six eyes, all venom green.

I try to run, my legs say no.

I continue, not knowing where to go.

Dead bodies fill my sight.

All shadows yet no sign of light.

Warped spirits walk among.

I try to yell. . .but no tongue.

Black fire surrounds, burning screams.

Souls separate, two dark teams.

Staring eyes, straight at me.

Clear space, I am free.

I am wrong for a single stare.

A cold heart with no care.

A giant thrown, atop it a demon of hell.

A lonely feeling like being locked in a cell.

A gruesome smile sliced across his face.

Warped eyes, as if sprayed my mace.

He speaks, his words crack the earth beneath.

Cold breath, a mouth filled with bloody teeth.

Great horns spear out, and chill my bones.

His voice is crackling like ten-thousand tones.

His skin tightens and his bones curve.

His head tilts and all bow to serve.

He stands, towering a mighty thousand feet tall.

A giant of kinds, a great black wall.

Satan himself pears down upon me and freezes.

A twitch of a finger, all fear increases.

Suddenly everyone drops, fallen to the stone.

All are corpses, all are dead. . .I`m all alone.

His hand clenches as the blood boils.

A whip of his tail as it turns like coils.

He begins to bend, as if to kneel…

Or to come and get his first meal.

His hand out stretches. . .toward me.

All my fear boils as I suddenly see.

My memory kicks in as I know my hate.

All the death that I could create.

My throat stretches, my voice unlocked.

All this time I have not talked. . .

All my stress and all my doubt.

It all grows together to a death breaking amount.

All the time I sat quietly, saying nothing.

All my sorrow has become. . .something.

My fears die, my nightmares cry.

I breath in and let out a silent sigh.

The Devil himself froze.

He stared into my eyes and my bleeding nose.

I stared back, right back into the depth of Hell.

I became the anger. . .and he could tell.

For the first time the devil himself feared.

He stood again and reared.

My head flung back and I stared into the sky.

I felt the pain of every lie.

I screamed…I screamed for every death. . .

I screamed for every tear we gave. . .

I screamed for every pain that we have felt. . .

I screamed for every blood that has fell. . .

I screamed for every lie that has been told. . .

I screamed for every fear that we felt. . .

I screamed for every nightmare we met. . .

And death as we knew it had changed forever. . .

The End

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