Nightly Chase

Nightly Chase

The tear in the night from a silent cry
The need to be free and soar through the sky

The attack of the dreams that find you every night
They burn through the blankets, so prepare to fight

Where to go, what to do
The beast is chasing after you

The night grows long and the shadows nip your heels
You speed on ever faster, spinning your wheels

The lack of noise as you crash through the dark
The silence of the chase as it burns a cold mark

Where to go, what to do
the beast is catching up to you

look into the distance to the hill far away
the light shines forth, will it keep them at bay?

Pressing ever onward, reaching for the hill
But the beast tries hard to drain your will

Where to go, what to do
The beast has almost caught up to you

Your will starts to falter and you stumble and fall
You try to press on and continue at a crawl

But a  man appears by your side and helps you to stand
He holds you up and gives you his hand

Where to go, what to do
The beast is about to capture you

The man lifts you up and carries you to the top
He turns then to the beast and simply says stop

“Come unto me child, and I will give unto you peace.
My grace is sufficient for your eternal increase.”

Where will you go? What will you do?
The beast is gone, may peace be with you

The End

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