Night Snack

I had someone make a joke about how this poem is like twilight but that's not up to me.

She works her shift on the street corner

With a night of merriment and beer

Running from her past so former

This night Jack the Ripper she need not fear


He hides in the darkness past the lamp

She sees him lurking in the dark shadows

Her fear grips her like a metallic clamp

She hopes to hide in the silent burrows


Stricken with fear she looked for light

She saw him and fear came like a flood

As he noticed her run he took flight

As he caught her he drained all her blood


As he drank and drank to no great end

Her body lay there lifeless and limp

For his power and might she could not fend

When he was done he gave a smile like a mischievous imp

The End

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