Night of Terrors

A Halloween poem!

On this night,

No Jacko-Latern,

will keep the vampires away.

They will lurk in the shadows,

and under creaky porch steps.

No sage will keep the ghouls from

running wild in the darkest corners of your home.

On this night,

you should be afraid.

Because nothing can save you,

from the terrors that escape your nightmares and join you,

in the comfort of your home.

nowhere is safe,

there's nowhere to hide nowhere to run.

No holy water can protect you,

from what lies ahead,

no crucifix can keep away

the living dead.

your instruments of protect

on this night are useless.

your screams are silenced,

you cries for help, unheard.

Here comes the monsters

here comes the fright,

here comes the terror

on Halloween night.





The End

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