Night Awkening--The Poem.

My Time Is Night.
My Vision Sharpened,
To See The World Around Me,
All Scenses Heightened.
I Waken To A New World...
One Of Impossible Circumstances

My Face Stays Unaged
Beautiful And Desirable.
Skin A White Alabster,
Eyes That Can Acquire Souls
Yet Remain Heart-Breakingly Radiant...
Heavens Shocked At The Auburn Color.

No Longer Do I Crave Food
I Long For An Unkown Substance,
My Entire Being Burns For it
Thick, Sweet, & Intoxicating Aroma
Brilliant Rowsing Red...

This New World Remains Unknow To Me
In Search For My Fill Of My New Found Addiction
I Walk From Where I Awoke,
Towards The Distant Sound Of A Pulse.

No Need For Company In This Life.
My Kind Stay Perfectly Content..
Soaring Sollow From Others.
The Stars & The Moon Are My Only Eternal Companions.
My Time Is Night.
I am Immortal.

The End

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