I'm sorry, but it seems like I can't stop writing about him.

You are the night that never comes
But appears the moment I turn away.
A creature that lurks in the shadows,
Living in the dark of day.

You are in the corners that I never see;
Upon the night that is too black,
In the air that is too cold,
On the ground that we both lack.

Why do you hide
With the twists and turns?
My curiosity grows wild,
My passion burns.

So, hark!, creature of the night,
Show yourself upon to me.
Uncover your dark veil,
And finally let me see.

Then appears the shimmer of your blue eyes,
With all the colors of all the seas.
Your skin, olive and tan,
And hair, blown about in the breeze.

You remain evanescent and disappear;
Gone, like the wind of a passing breath.
Never to be seen again
In life or 'till death.

My elusive guardian of the night,
You stand by me as I follow you.
And under the midnight stars,
It reminds me of why I do.

The End

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