how were you born

We all wish we was born in that 1%. Born that chosen few. But the sad thing is we all apart of that 99%. This 99% makes for this population that isn't making anything. But makes the rest of the world.

It would be nice to wake up with a beautiful view It must be nice to wake up with that select few. But the truth is, the reality isn't nice. It isn't nice we wake up with that shitty few. Its not nice that we wake up with the world as our view. 

We wake up wishing we can say goodbye to being broke. But we cant we still here sitting on this street just waiting for this time that might not ever come to you. It would be nice to fast forward to the good life till we all made it. But that will never be true.

But we all know we arnt apart of that select few. We know we going be here tomorrow and ten years from now. Never wearing the nicest clothes and being part of that chosen few. It would be nice but the fact is life isn't nice we all apart of the non chosen just sitting here wasting, waiting, and wishing we was the few. The few with the view.

We waiting for something that that might not ever come. We wont ever get to experience that oscar feeling. Not ever saying goodbye to the old life because the old life is us and something we cant get past. Thats because we arnt that select few. We are the non chosen without the view.

The End

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