"Newborn Baby/Re-Born Child"

dedicated to every mother out there! Happy Mother's Day

"Newborn Baby/Re-Born Child"

Oh. my dearest and most beloved angel do not weep any longer, for you are here now, all wrapped up with blankets ever so tightly, you honestly look like a soft taco. And I am here holding you in my quivering arms almost too petrified to even touch you 'cause of all the unimaginable thoughts of me breaking you, but yes, you are here in my arms nonetheless and nonetheless you are safe.

Though I may not be ready for you or what lays waiting in the future I hope and pray that you shall grow to idolize me as I do idolize you already. I can only wish that I can be the mother you are so desperatley entitled to! I love you my

Ageless Miracle!


Nothing Can Ever

Tear Me Away

From You!

I will forever be there for you under any and all circumstances...I could never turn you away from me!

Even though I could never be anymore esctatic and blessed to be your care-giver and guardian, know that the road ahead will be oh so taxing and tiresome...I need to say this one thing out loud even though I know you cannot hear me and much less ever comprehend what I am going to say, but here it goes anyway...Know this beyond any shadow of a doubt I will

Always Love You, For All Eternity!

This Is My Oath To You!


Yet, you are not the only one who has to grow up. I am, have, and are still growing with every fleeting day just as I know you are, and like you are, I bare misty eyes and tear-drenched cheeks.
yes, I am scared.





Both for you and having to leave my old self and life behind and growing up into an adult for you, but no it is more then merely growing up into the adult in which I must now become for I am already am, it is the terrorizingly genuine fact that I must now grow into a mother when I myself are but a child still ever so wet behind the ears. You are my life from the moment you came into this world until the end of eternity. I love you through thick and thin throughout all the ups and downs of this rollercoaster commonly known as life. I will pick you up when you stumble, stand beside you when you are unsure, and make you smile when you break down.

I have but one more thing to say to you my newborn sweetheart so treasured and held in sush high regard; I am your mother, your biggest fan, and your toughest critic


The End

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