New Year's Prologue

So it's 2013. What a refreshing thought.
I can finally start over again.
2012 was last year, unbelievably.
Time has passed so fast;
I still remember 2010 & 2011 like they were last week.
As the years come and go, time seems to pass faster.
This past year, people have died and we've all cried.
But along with losses, tears weren't always caused
by sadness-- there were many moments
throughout the seasons where we laughed 'til we cried.
And with this new year, we find ourselves
at the edge of endless possibilities
and limitless imagination.
So with that, I hope that your life is well filled
with happiness and worth-while memories.
Although time warps faster, I may wish to slow it down....

..But I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Happy New Year~!!

The End

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