Alight Please Sweet Bird Of My Wonder

Alight please, sweet bird of my wonder,
sing true for me your sound.
Purr in delight at thunder,
deduce for me your ground.
Lengthy curls spill frayed
in a winded fringe,
remarkably unafraid 
and wildly subdued tinge.
On that breeze you soar,
your seraphic face does show,
little else but allure,
and feathersome glow.
Your sculpted visage with inlaid
a little nose and pouty lips,
and immaculate-displayed
ivory goddess ellipse.
But most divine and forever,
deeply brown as umber burned,
doth unreproachfully endeavor
yearning eyes I have discerned.
I beg you, dove, admit your appetite,
I'm ardently ill, a-seized by fierce lust.
Fly here Aphrodite,
cleaved en masse we may rust.

The End

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