New StartMature

I wrote this while in lock up for my children. Thought I would share it.

New Start
By Anthony Dewar

Here I sit In my private hell.
All by myself in this little cell.
How did I get here? Just what went wrong?
Was it because I was mean, or high for too long?
Whichever it was, It's surely on me.
So here i am stuck in KRCC.

A few more days until I'm free.
I am just not too sure what will happen to me.
I am afraid to face life alone.
Without the drugs that help me stoned.
I have no girl to stand by my side.
Got very few friends to watch my hide.

What should I do? Where should I go?
My options are few, so I just don't know.
Maybe I'll stay and fight for my kids.
Or runaway and live on the skids.
My life"s not so great. It has been some bad.
It is easy to hate or be real sad.

But what is that I see at the end of this road?
Looks like a warm light heading out of this cold.
Even though life can be shitty and some times just not fair.
I am done with self pity. Done with the despair.
I am too strong I will prevail.
Been around for to long to give up and fail.

Now that I am straight. Now that I am clean.
I will walk out of this gate and stop being mean.
I will look forward to each and every day.
So out of this cell I mean to stay.
There are a few that mean so much to me.
I need to show them the man I will be.

A Father, A Friend, A Man on the mend.
My love for them will never bend.
I will become what I should have been.
I will make up for the bad they have seen.
My Daughter, My Sons, I love more than life.
To them I pledge to end all this strife.

I know in my heart there will be better days.
So watch out naysayers and get out of my way.
No more negative thoughts to plague my mind.
I am done being mad it is time to be kind.
To those that I love I promise to you.
A Criminal, A Drug Addict. Of that I am through.

Now I truly wish, with all of my heart.
For one last chance to have a new start.

The End

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