I Just Can't Get Enough

Start my day like

Every other one

But the smells of

Your fragrance when you are with me is something

That’s something I can’t just get

Enough of

Yes I meant that

When I said

I just can’t get enough

When you are by the sea side looking at the Lake Michigan shore,

Looking like you do is

I just can’t get enough

Because when you come near me and tell me that you’re going to

Kiss me

And you do actually kiss me

That something I like to,

Not get enough,

I walk with you underneath the moonlight

And I can tell

By seeing it

In your eyes

That you

Love it when come

Across the way

So I can hold your hand

While walking across the sidewalk bridge is something is

For sure something

I just can’t get enough

Because I can’t ever get a enough of your

Love because

Your love is

Not my drug

But it’s more like
something else

A feeling

 I just can’t get enough.

The End

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