[Move Out]

This is a party

They say this is party of happiness

An after party

After New Years Eve and so too Day

To begin a start to the new year with

Big ambitions

To make it better than the last

To make it a whole lot more than it was the

Last time

People are dancing as I join the crowd and fellow the crowd

Not to be a wanna be

But to be looking for some

Fun with them all

But I knew have to leave this dead end town for something like this

To break from the crowd

To make a name for myself the bright lights

In black sky out in the west

In which I could not do so in the Dead end Mid-Western town in Northern Indiana

That resembles a tiny tin-can town

For a town

I break from the crowd

And I take flight with my feet

Still being placed onto the ground

I then took flight in the car.

In hopes of I’ll be looking

For something more than the party

That is basically meaningful

But still Meaningless

In hopes I’ll be

More than I was

Here in the town that is

Nearly dead from the suffering and the pain

And the little children scream and cry due the lack of

Nutrients that could nurse

The young body back to

One hundred percent health

And I’m gone now and

I found you.

The End

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