Tora Tora Tora

The morning came

With a sky painted

With gold

But there was something

Raining down from the sky,

I saw them raining

From the sky

Crashing down

Coming down to destroy my lovely life

That I share with you

And then looked to you and I was


Of a nightmare of like it was only


That you and I were

Being burned alive!

When after they crashed them into

Our most sacred of


But it’s not so the case

But unfortunately

It has happened already

To many

Many people,

In which I have to question

Something important,

And that’s

Will we stay together?

Thick through thin

Till we are becoming sick of each other,

May I hope that we

Both do not die

When our past or


Enemies develop thee weapons of

Mass destruction

Such as the Atomic bomb

Still in the current main stream

Between the old and the

New life

The End

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