I have thoughts of you

As you are and must be

My dearest memory

Closet to me

In my heart, Soul, and Mind

In my memory I remember you

As being mine

The one who changes the Bad things to good

In the remembrance of you

I wanted to write you.

A letter

But I do not ever have enough time

And it wouldn’t be enough to

Express the way

I feel.

And wishing you were here.

So I take the parodied film camera

I take the camera and I do something

Something useful

I just take photographs of

Myself in

Photographic pictures

Micro-Pixel Photographic pictures

Wide-Ranges of Photographic pictures

In the Dark Room with the

Bright red lights,

Sometimes I am smiling

Sometimes I am looking serious

Sometimes I am looking serious but laughing instead

Then I am sometimes posing with bushels of swastikas,

Blowing kisses to you

From me

A thousand miles away to

The place of your residence

Eventfully I'm dream to

Be meeting you

Somewhere and sometime soon

With every new email

From me telling about the state of news on me

To your computer

With every new Email you


To make it more and

More politically correct to say

And safer to say with the more photographic pictures

I do send

Your way

We will not be

No longer to feel like your across the pond or the

Vast sea of shiny blue salt water

No longer feel like you’re out there in the deepest parts of the Apple Core City

Of New York City

No longer will we feel so vastly apart.

Any longer with the help of

Micro-pixel electronic computers we will not be

Broken apart by our distance

Between each other

But only to bring us

Man and women together

Together with the words that couldn’t be explained with so much,


But only it would feel like

I would be

Finally at


The End

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