What's Your Name?

Going to school home coming,

In which I feel like I have invited myself


I have clean shaven my face

The clock on the wall told me to suit up

I’m now wearing the suit and tie now.

With a sleek pair of some cheap sunglasses

I ride to the school in an ok looking purple 1996 Neon

That came from Tucson Arizona.

I walk into the high school

After going past the security guards after showing

My school I.D

Then I arrived

Officially now I am feeling right.

I am at the Northridge Homecoming Dance

I arrive and see all the people dancing on the Dance floor

And then they stopped like a sheer

Heart attacks all amongst the whole crowd.

But then realized that was just me

Becoming very nervous

Still believing tonight is the night

I sat at the drink stand and ordered a drink.

Sadly didn’t have anyone to share drink or to dance with.

I do not want to go on tonight

During this night by only

Dancing with myself

I wouldn’t want to accept it

Because I came

With a mission to make a change

So it wouldn’t be only me,


And I

No longer

Then a crowd flocks

As a flock of seagulls

Towards my way and

All of them were girls

Not ugly girls that fell out of the ugly trees

Of the schools Apple Orchards

The group of girls looked at me

They looked like they were from my school,

As some I did recognize and also a few

I haven’t seen before to be recognizable

The girls ask me simultaneously

Even loud enough to be heard over the DJ’s music playing

Don’t You Forget About Me

By the Simple Minds

They yell out simultaneously

“Hey! Hey! Hey!

What’s your name?”

I blurted out my name almost sounding

Like syllables

My name is Phil James…

And they started to be fighting

I guess it could have been over me


This never ever happens for me.

But while the dancing was becoming a Ballroom Blitz,

I went to do something else instead 

I was then looking to you

I saw you stepped from the nonsense of fighting

That was over me maybe

God only knows?

I told her

Hey you’re such a pretty girl.

And she turns to me and also says you are such a pretty boy

Not only that you such a pretty boy

As nothing else explains the way you look but only,

You’re just so pretty.

And at the time right there

Only thanks to you

Lifted the shades of gray off of me

And I became stuck

Stuck as like a monkey on both of our backs

In which I love that as

It should stay the same

In that type of way

Until you and I decide to go apart as the year comes closer

To a close

In these dramatically changing times

The End

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