No Disco Rap

I know this girl

She is just

A dancing machine

Just you have to believe in me

When you see her,

Just watch her get down, just watch her get down.

I know the same girl,

And I do know that she drives me crazy.

But I always seem to worry

Like every night

When ever she is going on out and leaves,

I always think that she will not be dancing alone but with other guy.

Just showing him how to move to some disco rap

Telling him, “Baby don’t you ever let go”

“Keep on it”

When I believe she is doing this, I say to myself

“Man I really dislike all Disco!”

I like you always a little past midnight

But you always want to

Be a little past midnight

To leave me watching the dust blow in the house

To leave me watching the numbers

Pop up on the television screen

Announcing the next lucky winner

During these hardest of times

That we all have endured before us.

Before we meet the twilight of the light in

Our lives

I pick myself off the seat I was sitting on

I went to the place were you were

To move to my music

I told the D.J. that to let you go.


I really dislike Disco rap.

The End

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