Boys Say Go

"Where are we?" You ask me

Underneath the glimmering night sky,

Why do you and I give a care?

I included saying

How can we

As couples escape from the Pain and the Sorrow?

Some boys and girls escape to new places that are happening for a reason.

Such as like to new places in New Orleans

Which it has to be nicknamed the Big Easy for a particular reason,

Boys like wait for big chances and thee tasks those come with the chances

Boys and girls meet

Girls and Boys in many random clubs and bars

If they want to,

They’ll come up to you,

And say what they have to say to your own face

Whether it is bad

Or it’s good.

But if the girl is not pretty or beautiful

All boys will say “Just Go.”

If she doesn’t know how to dance,

Oh well

All boys will always say “go.”

Girls first met boys on their way off to high school

When everyone's heart was fresh and young and pure at heart.

And when the end comes

Still to this day

We all boys and girls suffer the most pain

From the last day of his or hers tomorrows,

Thanks to some immaturity.

Girls often say “Hey Baby” to the hot senior passing along in their hallways.

And the rest is described as the simple one gibberish word of “Yuck.”

But when we boy see girls we always blustering out 

Like dam or who is that?

Or just turn into nervously wreaked blobs. 

And want her by our sides

But when boys like I do see girls who do not look good,

Due to either she is just fat, or got the butter face, or just plain downright ugly.

Because we all have the same elimination process

All girls just say Yuck.

We all Boys just say “Go.”

The End

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