You are the only one that I had ever wanted,

Ever since the day I have been born.

I know so when,

I see this when look into your eyes,

And in the wake of your smile,

Come and feel my heart,

That beats inside of my chest,

My heart beats, and thumps,

And the reason why it thumps, and beats

So slowly with rhythm,

Is all because of you, yes….

I still do love you.

So won’t you believe me when I say

That every little thing will be alright?

Because I got this theory,

That I have come to believe,

And that’s I believe certain things happen for random certain reasons.

Whether it’s bad,

Or whether it’s good,

Or whether it’s both of them at the same time,

I have another theory

To back this theory up,

I consider life as being like a puppet.

That is what I believe,

As puppets are controlled by the puppeteer's hands,

The human hands,

The humans hand has more power, and more authority

Over the puppets,

Any day,

And any night

Because humans created the puppet,

Now how did we, humans, come into this world?

Possibly it's god,

If this is the matter of speaking of the truth,

Have faith in yourself,

And him up above

As I assure that,

He has something awaiting you,

When the morning comes

The End

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