New Life

A random 11 poems, sure call em' melody makers. But anyways, they are some poems I have written just for fun.If you want a backround for the poems, well I'll say, it was inspired with the Speak and Speak some More story.

A new dawn to a moist flowery morning dawns on your eyes.

You rise up in this new romantic day,

You cheer, and shout out loud all because today is a dawning of new life.

Of a New life,

New life

A New life that is free from all complications.

A New life that is without its negatives

A New life that is without its downs

You awake and cheer all because it’s a new life.

In a New life,

New life

You look into your mirror, and pick up your make up.

Once you are done with your make up,

You blow kisses to yourself in the mirror.

And a period of a few ticks of the minute hand passes on by,

You slip into your most favorite dress.

To meet me,

To meet your,




In shining



You and I meet,

And I get down,

Onto my knees in my mind,

Because you made our love into something more than

A fantasy

Free from all fleeting complications.

Free from all major doubts.

Free from all the negative downs.

As yours and my love has created a new life,

A brand New life,

For a New life,

A New Life,

New life

The End

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