New Heart in My Hand

i dont know

He's reached down into my heart and turned a light on....

But why wasn't it you?

Why couldn't you turn the light on?

It would've been easy....

The phrase " you look so good in love " comes to mind.

I was in love once, but not with him....I was in love with YOU.

It was always you.

You used to be my sun, my warmth. I gave you my heart and soul.

And now, I'm holding his hand intead of thinking about reaching for yours.

Why couldn't I be with you?

Why couldn't you see?

I'm tired of living a lie.

I'm giving up on you.

I didn't fall out of love with you, and I never will,

You just let go of the person I fell in love with.

And now, instead of having an old love, familar warmth, with a sky so blue,

I now hold a new heart in hand.

The End

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