New Birth Metaphor

Times in the past nothing comes back.

Long tunnel medieval pack.

Victorian -King Charles- lovers heist.

"Oh! Christ"

Yourself- tight hold mysterious? 

On the ebb, she slipped into sleep serious 

 Zen religiously needs births cautious

Lotus Oh God! not bogus on this earth

So free Metaphor Worth.

Dark Darth turned into Goth

Monk of interpretations’ rebuilds a side.

 The front he sees the hills come alive.

Alternative world restoration in strive.

 Planets move deepening a kiss lives 

spirits summons you on desperation.

His orchestra playing moderation


Impressionable start coming age.

 Planet’s come together spiritual page


Divine image of metaphor gravity.

Her love lifted sexuality

 Socrates new birth next level.

invading her personal space devil.

History new birth metaphor rival.

 Blinded by love picture blank.

Raced you like Tom Hanks.

 The print came out negative.

A world of hope staying positive.


Transformation New You__ glorified.

 He flicked & touched dignity in his own place

What remarkable race keep up the pace.

 *     *    *   *    *     *     *    *    *

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The End

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