Never-ending TimeMature

Time is something we don't get back, what you have is what you get. The way you use your time, is the key.

I feel like I’m running--

Jolting and sprinting with everything I have.

helplessly wasting every effort that comes my way

to do nothing more than impossible.


in my mind I seek out determination.

begging on the thought that it’s still there.

from the bottom of my soul 

I thrust it out

for the pathetic hope

that maybe

just maybe

It could save me time.


there is never enough

it may seem as too much

the thought of forever

possessed in the back of your mind

this thought you regretfully know

but choose to forget

never realizing the that at any moment the agonizing fear 

and slip of the mind 

could throw it forward.


with forever purged around you 

taking in the essence it brings

with no stop, pause, or replay

ceaselessly moving onward

with not even a second to rest.


your aging in seconds

time is being wasted by the minutes

for you are no longer younger than you once were the day before.


it’s a trick

that few notice

but the brave,

play along with.


the secret,

if I must tell you

think fast.

and always have your next move ready to be played.


be careful,

for if you forget

merely with simple though of the slightest ease of mind

you will soon be behind.


no day is a guarantee,

cherish each one as if it were you last.

the only chance of survival

of this terrifying world

is to remember the value of time

you are your own enchantment.

The End

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