Never Trust A Human

This was written last spring, when I was having troubles learning how to live a social life.

There are many people who tell me

that their life has one big lesson.

Something to learn, to take away,

something to ease their tension.


I don’t want to sound rude,

but I know it will come off as mean,

out of my entire life,

I only find one theme.


Never Trust A Human.


Oh yes, never trust a human girl,

who clings to you like glue.

Who says she cares and loves you,

no matter what you do.


Never trust this human girl,

because she’ll change when you move on.

She’ll throw you in her boiling pot (and you’ll remeber her),

no matter how long you’ve been gone.


So Never Trust A Human.


Oh never trust a jealous girl,

don’t get in her path.

Don’t take away her toys and possessions,

unless you’d like to feel her wrath.


Never trust this jealous girl,

she likes to play with your mind.

She’s the most curvy, most intriguing one;

a magnet for all MAN kind.


So Never Trust A Human.


Oh, never trust a human boy,

who holds you in his nice warm arms.

Says he loves you, and only you;

he won’t EVER bring you harm.


Never trust this human boy,

when he says she isn’t something.

Who loves to tell you sweet, honey lies,

when you know she’s far from nothing.


So Never Trust A Human.


Never trust a loving boy,

especially the younger.

Who, once he’s had his very first kiss,

will only look at you in hunger.


Never trust this loving boy,

who likes to pretend with love.

Who’ll scar you, who likes to play with you,

and for good measure, add a shove.


So Never Trust A Human.


So in conclusion, my life’s one and only theme,

is to never trust a human,

no matter how promising they seem.

The End

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