Never Too Old

This old dog was crying, it's old doggy tears,
When it's master left him alone, after so many years.
After all he had done, been his friend, been his chum,
Curled up with his master, gave him hours of love and fun...
It was sad to see, that a new dog, he had found,
Whilst this old dog, to the streets, he was bound.

This old dog was stead and fast, strong, sly and alert,
He would die hard, if he had to, for how much his heart had hurt,
Through thick and thin, this dog stayed alive,
Devising, and plotting his old master's demise.

By sheer chance, one day, the door to the house was left open wide,
Our hero dog saw his chance, and ran swiftly inside,
The master was shocked, and briskly gave chase,
But had not foreseen the dog knock over a vase,
The water tumbled out at the top of the stairs,
And the old master seemed to be completely unaware...

Until finally falling, to his untimely death,
Proclaiming his shock, with his very last breath,
"Old rover, I never knew you were so quick!"
Which just proves, you're never too old, to learn a new trick. 

The End

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