Never Synonymous

Glance around,
Sweat beads glisten on your forehead,
The clock-hands slow and stop.
All I want now is you to emancipate me.

Let's break this down, word by word.
We'll be through this by the end of the night

Your insides, we watch you implode.

This is where I lose all pretense.

Everything I've become,
Comes down to this.
I want you dead.

The sky flares up, and I hope I'm right this time.
We have a tendency to fall apart
And the morbidity slips down my throat

I'm burning myself away
Dying slowly, oh so slowly.

Nervous wreck, and it's your fault.

Let's play another note,
This is for you, my love.
There's nothing to make you more pathetic that what you've already become.

Play with the diseased.
Hypocrites galore,
Just never expect me again.

What am I supposed to do?

The End

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