Never Say Never

This girl was heart broken. And had to stitch it up by herself.

You promised me you'll NEVER hurt me.
By ignoring me, do you think that's not hurting me?

 I promised I WOULDN'T hurt you.
I knew better than to say never.
There you drown in your own ignorance.
Here I am left with, having to stitch up my heart that got broken again!
With no help.

 I'm left with doing it again... Alone.
You don't know what type of pain you're putting me through.
I thought you were going to cure me.
I thought wrong.
I thought you were my vice.
I thought wrong.

 I thought you loved me and card about me.
I thought wrong.
Because of you I am left with a heart that needs to be stitched up again.
I now know, not to trust the word... Never.

The End

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