Never (It's My Life)

There is nothing unfair about this life
other than what we waste of it
This is I know because I can reflect
on a potential that waits to be fulfilled  

I’ll never change myself
I’ll never ignore my talent
I’ll never live for anyone
I’ll never live for you

I will do my best to move on
because nothing remains with regret
I may not be beautiful honey
but neither are you, so get over it

I’ll never change myself
I’ll never ignore my calling
I’ll never pray for any literature
I’ll never waste the person I am

Sometimes I can be selfish but
I’ll never allow such notions to rule me
I made an effort, much more
than I could ever say about you

Everything I believed in
has to be discarded
Because nothing exists for me
other than what I can make for myself

I’ll never fall victim to hate
I’ll never wish for anything else
I’ll never let anyone make me feel bad
for the decisions I have made
This is my life and I intend to live it

The End

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