Never Had a Chance

Give you the life that you deserve,
That's all I wanted to do. 
Could I?
Did I want to? 
Heaven knows it's all I wanted.
You don't exist in form,
But in energy flowing through me and the trees 
You could have been so many things,
Now the thought of you dissolves everything I exist to be.
Sick and dying, secrets of how you were truly hurting me hidden. 
My child, how I wish I could have held you in my arms. 
You made mommy cry even before seeing this world, 
My heart aching, dying just trying to breathe life into you,
Form you into more even as you stole the life from my limbs.
Gone before you had a chance. 
Never had a chance.
Never had a chance.
Doctor said there was no chance, 
There's nothing there;
Nothing has a chance in this broken womb of mine.
Everything is destined to die
I'm destined to die of heartache,
Induced lost to save myself,
Just to lose myself.
Never had a chance against falling in love with you
And you could do nothing but leave me
How sad, how dreadful,
The most tragic of love stories.  

The End

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