Never give up.

this is about everyones mistakes. We are only human were gonna make them.

We all have our faults.

Someones told us once or twice.

We've all made mistakes.

We get told every day.

We've all stomped our feet and threw a fit.

We wanted some attention.

We've all at some points raised the stakes.

A little to high and a little too late.

We've all said somethings, that we'll always regret.

We didn't mean to it just slipped out.

We've all done things to, things we won't ever forget.

We try to but we can't.


We've all done good to!

Don't you dare forget it.

We've given a smile to someone in need.

Now there passing on that smile to another.

We held open a door for an elderly lady.

So we've made anothers day.

We've all stated the facts that people needed to hear.

We've shown its okay to cry.

We've all raised our voice for something dear!

We need to be heard.

We've all wanted to protect.

All those things we neglect.

No matter how many MISTAKES we've made!

It doesn't make us BAD.

We are only HUMAN!

You are not ALONE!


The End

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