Never Forgive, Never Forget

Another of my firsts.

“Never Forgive, Never Forget”

Never forgive and never forget

I've learned my lessons and paid my debts in blood

Crimson tears will run down my face once I truly find my place

Angels fall and devils rise in our own timely demise

Stars will shoot more take its place don’t you see you’re a disgrace?

I will put you in your place

Tell me child what’s your name? I mean no harm

This is no game

Cruelty is necessity, and rules by which you abide

Drop this act your foolish pride

Tell me child what is your name and I'll show you a crimson rain

Blood and pain wash from your face as you stand out in the rain

A melting sorrow, to forget tomorrow rinsing you of sins

By all means just stand there you fool

But as I stand here start the pool

Take the rain and turn it red

This is all inside your head


The End

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