Never Ending LoveMature

It's not about me , but this poem goes out to all the women who are in an abusive relationships.

It Rained last night

and I swore I heard your voice against the pavement

Pit Pat on the concrete

I had to fight against the cold droppings of water

that touched my aching skin

Too blind to know which way to go.

I want to go home.

But home is what I'm running from

Ditching and dodging every street corner

Where I could remain invisible

visible to only myself and the sky.

Your asking Why?

Why I'm 

hiding myself from the world

Why I'm

running from these issues

Why I

cant properly put myself to sleep at night

cause all you do is crawl yourself into my bed every night

and forcefully  take what's right.  

I didn't know that once you place this ring on my finger

You have every right to place your fingers in places they shouldn't linger.


you told me that I should be a singer

but all I do is sing myself to sleep when your drunken self

starts to act the f*ck up.

And your unconscious decided that I was a toy

and you could throw me around whenever the hell you wanted to.

What hurts me the most

is that I could remember a time

when you said you would

never touch me since

" i was too nice to play with "

" too precious to tamper with "

" too pretty to fuck with "

because you saw a goddess

a queen

a diamond in the rough

but once the demon of pure intoxication

kissed your tender lips

you became addicted

and i was already addicted to love we already created

Now don't get me wrong

I'm not crazy

but my vision's a little hazy

and its still raining

and i swear i could still hear you running behind me

and i cant take it anymore

pit pat on the concrete

the thoughts of pulling the trigger

on the man i love

never once crossed my mind until now.

Then everything went blank

Stop, breathe, pull

... I'm finally done

I'm finally free

your cold corpse hit the pavement

and the rain started to cease

... i can finally go home

The End

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