Never Coming Back

Neglect should have no place in this world.

What did I do?
Was it something wrong?
Is this my punishment?
What’s taking so long?

I noticed a while back,
You pushed me away,
You became more distant,
With each passing day.

I tried to cheer you up,
I brought you my bone,
But you threw it and spoke,
With a loud angry tone.

I didn’t understand,
I wanted some love,
But you pushed me to the floor,
With a violent shove.

Then one day you left,
I lay with my toy,
Wishing you’d come back,
To call me ‘Good Boy’.

I was getting so hungry,
Thus my stomach growled,
But nobody heard me,
No matter how much I howled.

I walked through the house,
Eating what I could find,
Most things were gone,
But I was left behind.

Many days passed,
So many I lost track,
The realisation hit me,
You’re never coming back.

The End

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