Never ChangeMature

This is a catalyst for a cause
a breakdown can only express so much
As long as you find yourself
I may as well just fucking give up

For a while I was happy
until I realised it was at your expense
Still it means a lot to me
if only you could truly understand
Maybe we’re are supposed to forget about each other
Maybe I can’t accept it

This is a relapse of a broken thought
I’m trying to rebuild my life around you
Even if all that remains are ashes
you may as well just tell me the truth

For a while you was morose
until you realised it was my fault
Still you were kind enough to be there
if only I could understand myself
Maybe we’re supposed to forget about each other
Maybe you have your mind made up

We all have our crosses to bear
but I wanted to carry your burdens as my own
Relationships come and go, time deepens all wounds
but I am glad to know you will never change

The End

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