Never Alone

Spiritual Spoken word poem, Message to the youth.
Invite God in every area of your life, especially in School.

Everyday I come to school guided by a heavenly spirit , its no secret.

If you walk around or follow me, you'll witness people calling me names ,cursing me and asking WHY? and well its simple, for years I have been DECEIVING myself thinking that I have grown Only to realize that in THIS life I cannot SURVIVE on my own. Fact is IF you haven't yet given your life to a greater being then YOU have not started LIVING, this is the most important TRUTH that everyone especially the YOUTH should know ...

So I surrendered, got found by Jesus Christ who poured out his LOVE on me and led me to God who now watches OVER me from above. Drugs, Bullies and all you who tempered with my attention BE WARNED! for you are ALL judged and sentenced to an evil-ending inferno DESTRUCTION...

As for my old friends Laziness, Failure and Lust your contract has been TERMINATED! I now resist TEMPTATION and Jesus Christ has approved my Invitation... 

HE is available EVERY second of EVERYday, constantly protecting me from evil spirits that try to lead me astray. Nowadays I do not have FEAR. I even find the night peaceful, you might say I'm CRAZY because most crimes and evil doings are committed in the darkness at night, but REMEMBER this is God's land, so he will give me LIGHT... for I am NEVER ALONE

The End

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