This poem was/is meant to be an apology of sorts to who I treated poorly for no good reason.

There were the days when your smile would

clear your cobwebbed transgressions

from the darkened corners of my closeted mind.

It is ponderous how a walking, talking bunch of atoms

can hurt you

even though you’ve never touched them.

For the longest of times all I wanted was for you

to tell me that everything was going to be alright

to show that you cared

For the longest of times all I wanted was

to hurt you

the way you hurt me

Every time I look in the mirror

I see bits and fragments of faded memories

Ones with you

Ones that shaped this person I see in the mirror

Ones that finally did


hurt you

When I told myself not to care anymore

I never thought it would hurt you

When I told myself that you would never care

I never imagined that it would hurt you

you learnt to care

And now my words

as they always do

come back to scorn me

you don’t deserve to feel the way

you made me feel

you deserve so much better

believe me

I wish I could say that letting Christmas and your Birthday pass

without gifts made me feel a little better

but as I told myself to let go 

you didn’t want to

and it was in my nature to let you fall

because the edge of that cliff crumbled long ago

and you just didn’t know it yet

I shouldn’t have let you fall

I shouldn’t have returned ‘never’ to my dictionary

I should have known that it would hurt you

as it always does

You and I

must have the worst timing in history

always pushing each other down

playing a constant game of catch up

only to fall behind again


we are that anomaly in the time-space continuum

two that were never meant to meet

because we can never seem 

to get it together

The End

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