neon skies cannot compare

i can feel your breath 
fanning across my cheek
as you turn to look at me
with dull green eyes

the heat of your body
soaks into my arms,
you're radiating warmth,
the way you lie beside me

my heartbeat thumps in my ears,
too loud and too fast
as a blush spreads across
the bridge of my nose, obscuring freckles

i can't tell you 
that i have a crush on you,
i'm pretty damn sure 
that you're straight, anyways

but when i get up, 
your head is below my eyes,
you're not short but you are 
when compared to me

your frizzy hair is 
bundled back like it always is
and i wish
that i could kiss you

but i can't 
because i'm bi-romantic
and they treat that
like a bad word here

so i'll make snappy remarks,
let sarcasm color my voice,
use dry humor
and fall asleep in the corner

but you always come back to me
and i don't know why
but even when i stumble while running
you never laugh at me

and the universe isn't nice enough
to let me love someone
who loves me back,
and i get that 

maybe one day
i'll get over this stupid crush
but for now
i'll smile when you speak.

The End

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