Neon Man

Another sad song for my bleeding heart

And with my hands around your neck I will squeeze one last note

A wheeze of emotion hisses  out


I feel the air pass through my skin cells


Goosebumps become an emotional reaction


The decrescendo…

Before you collapse to the ground

I finally got what I was seeking from you

This time I can walk out of your shadow

 You have no heart!

 You demand evidence of my emotions

Unnecessary by-products of our love making

Closeness a frightening concept for you

I can`t guess why

Your words sharp and to the point

I can only guess that the feelings behind these words are much more serrated.

If anyone needs protection it was me

I didn`t want your warning

I didn`t heed my own

But you could have eased me into this mess


Why did you consent to love me?

Especially when your speciality is apathy…

Somehow I mistook that indifference for acceptance

But then you laughed…

You laughed…

If I’m a punch line than…

You’re a neon man and your light just burnt out…


I don’t love you anymore

I stopped missing you when you left facelessly

You left me standing…gripping the rain drops

Lost in that same old cold breeze

Doesn’t linger in the shoulders

I felt it everywhere


Worest of all you never spoke of longing

I want to see your eyes shift

A beautiful soiled diamond

You never sang about what existed in the space between us.

You never wrote about what truly strikes.

Love too much of a syrupy emotion for you

But I have found the hairs at the back of my neck stand on end,

My sweat runs cold as adrenaline departs,

When love is spoken as starkly as black ink on white paper!

  I always had to get right up in your face

 Force you to emote,

Cling to what holds you together

And break down your reason

Leave your common sense in tatters

I leave you broken…and myself rotten.

The End

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