My confusion as a kid as to why my mother and older sister were so enamoured by "Neighbours".

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When I was young, about 4 or 5,
I would come back from school
And dump my stuff on the floor.
My big sister would as well,
Longer legs running ahead
And stopping in the living room.
My mum would be watching TV;
"Neighbours", to be precise.
It was all about neighbours - 
That was what I gathered.
And they would sit and watch,
As if these Neighbours were better
Than the ones we had outside.
I didn't think so; our neighbours
Were always so nice.
They smiled at me and hugged me
And their kids would play with me
Even though they were bigger.
We always had so much fun.
Even my big sister did.
So why did she like these Neighbours
So much?
I never understood.
And my other sister and I
Just went upstairs and played
With our Barbies.
'Cause our Barbies were so much
Better than some fake Neighbours.

The End

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