Neighbor Lady

about a former friend who I miss terribly...


She's moving to town,

No more anticipation of her frown

The U-Haul is in the drive,

Boxes abound.

Did she really cut my saplings after I planted them?

Did her hubby really applaud when I dug up the garden bordering our properties?

Did her son shout "Beeooch" at me across the yard?

Did her company during that party really take a leak on our side of the fence for us to see?

The last time she spoke to me, did she really have her jaw clenched and teeth bared?

Why do I care?

Is it because it will be more FINAL.

I once thought of her like a sister.

She pushed me aside when we got too close...

But she does treat family in much the same way.

I have heard that she hasn't talked to her son in a couple of years.

When she has no control - the relationship goes down the toilet.

Why do I care?

I still love her, I guess,

I still care that she is healthy and happy.

(especially since she could make mine go sour)

I will miss seeing her in the backyard.

I will miss the whine of her John Deere mowing the acreage.

For years, I have missed walking across the lot to have coffee with her.

For years, I have thought about her and how she would react if I did walk over.

For years she hasn't talked to me...

I will continue to miss her, I guess.

I truly wish her and her family blessed happiness....



The End

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