Needs a title, any ideas?

I love my girlfriend and was really missing her when i wrote this.

Those eyes i adore so stare back at me

Those eyes that hold so much love

That capture me, they render me helpless

I can not tell you “no” when looking into those eyes


And her lips

That give a kiss i long for

the kiss in my dreams

the lips that speak so many soft words

though all they seem to say sometimes is “i love you”


And your hands

your soft touch that drives me wild

your hands that fits perfectly in mine

like our fingers were made to be intertwined


And my loves breath

on my neck or against my lips

shallow and heavy

or calm and soothing

always there


And my heart

that surely she holds

no doubt how it got there

through her eyes she saw into me

with her words and kiss she drew me in

with those hand she held and comforted

and her sweet warm breath when alone in the night….

The End

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