Needing You

my frend was feeling sad about a guy and showed me some things that she felt about that guy. i told her it would be a pretty good poem. so i wrote it. and she ended up liking it and my friend suggested i publish it on this website. this is my first poem i've ever written. So if its grammatically incorrect, I apologize. im just a teen. haha. but yeah. i hope you like my poem. and this is for you Crystalita :)

I need you bad.

My life is a disaster right now.

You help me through my difficulties.

I cant help it anymore.

You cant leave me now.

Dont leave me standing here.

Arms empty,

reaching out to you,

but reaching into thin air.

You can be with her.

just dont forget me.

Please, dont forget me.

I feel like i need you right now.

Right now you are the only one who can heal me.

You might be too far away,

But i know you can still hear me,

Still feel me.

Dont ignore my feelings,

Because they're most delicate to your words,

and your actions.

I need you.

The End

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