Need To Fix

I understand, I see, I scream
The ever pounding thoughts

I have had enough
of the reminder, of the wrong, or the guilt
I see what I did --
broke the perfection

There is a chink in the armor
There is a tear in the fabric
There is a crease in the paper
There is a slit in the painting

I can't change what I've done
I understand what I damaged

I see just how much I've messed up
Can't I know how to fix it now?
I don't want to live with this guilt
Is there nothing to make it better?

There is so much pain
There is so much guilt
There is so much regret
There is so much anger

I try to make it better
All I see are damaged parts

I need to know how the pieces fit
It isn't to much to ask
Just a nudge in the right direction
To end the relentless guilt

There are hand-me-down parts
There are bruises and scars
There are unforgettable feelings
There are new obstacles to overcome

The End

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